Coronavirus and red areas – Do something with your friends without meeting them

When on saturday evening Lombardy was set as a red area due to the Coronavirus spread, I felt a little discouraged. My girlfriend lives in Turin, so that means I can’t see her for a month or even more. However we have to act responsibly, so we found out some things to do together to feel less distant.

It’s not like meeting someone face to face, but we have to remember this is an emergency and the best way we act, the less it will endure.

1 – Videocalls: Thanks to Skype, Discord, Whatsapp and other software we can make videocalls and we can see our beloved ones.

2 – Let’s watch some videos together: I tried yesterday Watch2Gether, a website that allows us to see video from Youtube, Twitch and other services with our friends. You have to create a room and invite your friends, then when you start the video it will start for all the others at the same moment. A good way to attend a course toghether, to comment some news, etc.

3 – Tabletop games: One of the most interesting games on Steam is Tabletop Simulator. It costs around 20€ and it allows you to play tons of tabletop games without paying for them.

4 – A pictonary-like game: Try out with your friends: it’s similar to pictonary and very fun. And it’s completly free!

5 – Take a walk with someone (virtually): Here in red zones you can actually leave your house. You can’t be with much people in the same place, but you can take a walk and meanwhile call a friend. It’ll be almost like walking together. Just be careful to not get near more than 1mt from other people.

6 – Virtual pub: Very similar to the previous one. If you miss drink a beer with your friends, just make a videocall with something to drink around you. It’ll be similar to being in a pub.

7 – Penfriends: This is a good time to search for some penfriends! Writing is a beautiful thing and knowing people from around the world is even better. The website I’d like to talk about are (italian only) and Interpals (world-wide wise, and useful for language exchange also). Another really awesome service is Slowly. It’s only for mobile phones. You can send messages to random people based on your preferences (language spoken, age, etc) . You can send messages to random people based on your preferences (language spoken, age, etc). These messages will take a couple of days to be delivered, just like old letters. It’s so beautiful!

I know, it’s not the same as doing these things face to face with friends. However we’re in an emergency, not on a vacation. We have to be responsable for the our sake and for the sake of the other people we meet.

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