Imagzle – A smartphone game that can you teach lots of things

Who knows me a little knows also that I don’t like mobile games very much. I play for a week or so and then I get bored and I uninstall them. Imagzle is an exception: I like it very much and I play since more than a week!

The images above here are some of the quiz of the game. It’s a puzzle game based on pictures: given the image as a hint you must write the solution. Sometime they’re really easy, other times they are really difficult. I enjoy knowing already the answer, and having to search for it as well. Seldom the search is easy to do actually: you have to be imaginative to find the correct answer most of times.

Imagzle is a really nice game that can teach you a lot of curious facts. Having an hard time for search for them helps you in remembering them. You can access more quiz as soon as you answer some of them. You can also buy credits that can give hints to you when you’re stuck.

I leave the links to download it: Imagzle su Google PlayImagzle su App Store

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