I planted some trees on Treedom

I learned about Treedom while watching a video on an italian information youtube channel, and I really liked it. I think it’s an awesome project and it’s made in Italy. It’s a good idea for a present.

I was really happy when I bought these trees as a Christmas present. Treedom takes care of the tree since when it’s still a seed. When the trees are big enough they will be given to local farmers. All the trees are geolocalized and Treedom will send you updates from time to time.

There trees with various pricing and for all of them you’ll find a page where you can learn the co2 it’ll adsorb, some useful information about it’s uses and how it can help the work it can provide. It’s a nice initiative which I hope it’l keep getting bigger. Some big companies sustained this project.

When you buy a tree on Treedom you can keep it for yourself or present it to a friend. When you choose to make it a present, you can send it via mail or common messaging apps, or you can print a card with all the information to redeem your tree. It’ something to think about in my opinion: when you don’t know what to present to a friend, you can be a bit original and make something good for our planet.

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