Dune Legacy – Let’s it play again

I’m starting my diary talking about something I put myself into in the last few days: the old MS Dos game Dune II and how to play it with Dune Legacy. When I was a child I spent a lot of time in this game! What can I say about it? It was awesome, the real time strategy game I liked the most probably.

Dune Legacy - Harkonnen Mission

The setting of this game is Dune, the well known novel saga by Frank Herbert. We find ourselves on Arrakis: a desolate planet where life is all but easy. On this planet there’s also Melange, a spice coveted from all the universe. We can play one of the three houses: Atreides, Ordos or Harkonnen. Every mission involves to build up your own base and then destroy the enemies’.

Now it’s time to talk about Dune Legacy: a free project that allows to play this game on Linux and other operating systems (I think?). Dune Legacy is a very good remake that adds some useful commands from more modern rts games. In example, in original Dune you had to click one unit at a time in order to move large groups. Thanks to Dune Legacy now it’s a lot more easier! I recommend to everyone to play it because I think it’s still one of the best rts games out there. In order to work properly, Dune Legacy needs the original game files. If you don’t have them anymore, you can find them at this link.

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